The idea

Harvard Referencing is tedious. Ref Chef’s aim is to make Harvard Referencing less tedious for students at Bournemouth University.

There are plenty of pre-existing reference management tools such as EndNote and EndNoteWeb, however I've always found them overly complicated.

Ref Chef is intended to be a simple tool where you can enter the information for each of your references and it will give you the formatted reference to copy and paste into your bibliography.

Like Neil’s Toolbox, but in the format specified by Bournemouth University.

Ref Chef needs your feedback

I want to make Ref Chef better. In order to do that I need to know what you want from Ref Chef.

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Any and all input will be gratefully received. Thanks for your support.

Known issues

  • Missing fields - I'm currently awaiting a meeting with a Bournemouth University referencing aficionado to confirm what should happen to the reference formats when information is unavailble. For the time being any missing fields are simply omitted, but it's possible that in some cases this is incorrect. Make sure you check any references where you're missing information.
  • Contributions 'In:' - For references where you're referencing a contribution within another material it's standard to include 'In:' before detailing the parent material. Currently Ref Chef requires that you include the authors name to get the 'In:', however this may be incorrect. Awaiting clarification from BU.
  • Video, Film or broadcast contributions - This is poorly defined in the 'BU guide to Citing in the Harvard Style'' so I've chosen to omit it for the time being.


Ref Chef is not officially supported or in any way affiliated with Bournemouth University. Whilst Ref Chef will generate references based on the information you have provided, Ref Chef in no way offers any guarantees that the generated references are correct. It is your responsiblity to use Ref Chef responsibly and check the validity of your references.

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